ACE Namibia

To see our children empowered for success in life to grow our Nation

In 1970  ACE Ministries was started in the USA by the founders, the Howards with their main objective being preparing children for success in life. They researched what would make a child successful and that answer is woven in the core of a quality educational system with high standards, character building exercises, moral training and examples, founded on the Bible and its Biblical principals.

Within ACE, every child is considered an individual who will progress at his/her own pace.  Because of this individual approach, more than one grade can be learning in the same class at the same time.

This makes the programme ideal for anyone from large schools to home schools, or for smaller community schools and Church schools.

In the ACE Family, every school is run as an autonomous unit, within the framework and guidelines set out by their Service Agreements with ACE.  To assure a high standard in our schools, all schools are frequently visited by a ministry representative, giving advice on governmental and ACE requirements, and when needed, room for improvement. For more information on where to find a school near you or any other information Contact Us.

Our Board of Directors:

Edna Botha (Mrs), Namibia, Exucutive /  Treasurer
Cas Becker, Namibia, Vice Chairman
Pieta de Bruyn (Mrs), Namibia, Secretary
Reino Meyer, Namibia, Training
Graham Yoko, South Africa, Advisory
Jan Liebenberg, Namibia, Member
Festus Negumbo, Namibia, Member