ACE Namibia

To see our children empowered for success in life to grow our Nation

Welcome to Accelerated Christian Education in Namibia.

ACE Ministries Namibia is an Article 21 company registered not for gain and functions as the Namibian National Office for ACE Africa & Scandinavia.

We act as a coordinating body, providing services and products to all affiliated schools in Namibia.

We assist individuals, churches and communities who desire to start private, Biblically based, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, and who want to use the ACE Educational materials.

About ACE

In 1970  ACE Ministries was started in the USA by the founders, the Howards with their main objective being preparing children for success in life. They researched what would make a child successful and that answer is woven in the core of a quality educational system with high standards, character building exercises, moral training and examples, founded on the Bible and its Biblical principals.

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Results of the National Survey on the tertiary performance of A.C.E Alumni 1999 - 2011
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